How to embed Google reviews into WordPress without plugin?

Many WordPress users like to display their Google My Business (also known as Google Places) reviews on their website. Statistics say that around 70% of all customers decide to purchase based on company reviews. Unfortunately Google themselves do not offer an own review integration. If your are also looking for an easy solution to integrate your Google Reviews into WordPress we have an awesome solution for you.


With our Google reviews widgets we provide a set of badges and widgets that you can easily implement into your WordPress website without the need of an additional plugin. The only thing you need to do is to sign up and select one of our widgets. You’ll get two lines of simple code that you can now implement into your website.

How to implement Google review widgets into WordPress?

First you should sign up to our free review widgets. Therefore you need to find your Google My Business profile first. After you selected the right profile you need to register in order to manage all widgets. If you choose one of our widgets you’ll get two lines of code that you can implement everywhere on your WordPress website.

If you would like to integrate the Google review widgets into the sidebar or footer of your page you can make use of the WordPress widgets. You can find them in “Appearance > Widgets”:

Select the “Custom HTML” widget on the left hand side and choose the widget area you want the widget to be shown:

After that you can copy and past our two lines of code into the HTML widget and you are done.

Cons of WordPress plugins

The downside of WordPress plugins is that they can slow down the performance of your WordPress website. The more plugins you use in your WordPress instance the slower it gets.

An other problem of WordPress plugins could be that if you or the plugin developer do not update plugins regularly it might cause security risks.

Further more these plugins can conflict with other plugins and can break your website.

So you should try to avoid installing more and more plugins for your WordPress website.

Google review widgets and badgets without using a plugin

Here you can see a list of examples that you can implement into your website without any WordPress Plugin:

Google review badges

Google review buttons

Google review slider